A┬ácamera is a tool for learning how to see without a camera…

Dorothea Lange

c17_rose kissed by light c16_Buttercup Qedma 2012170412aDSC_8275 c13_anemone-1  c12_macro flower-9-Edit    c15_Buttercup Qedma 2012160412bDSC_8318 c11_lemon blossom 2014-10    c10_DSC_5353-Edit-Edit    c14_Buttercup Qedma 2012160412aDSC_8303 c9_sunflowers 2014-25    c8_flowers -37    c7_9May2015-50-Edit    c6_untitled-37     c5_flowers-22     c4_flowers-7     c3_9May2015-44     c2_9May2015-27     c1_9May2015-15

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