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Photography is my love and passion, it goes ‘hand in hand’ with my professional career as Organizational Development Consultant ever since my young days as student when I studied Psychology and Cinematography.
Recently photography is taking more and more space in my life, mainly through my new project ‘Trips for Photographers’.
In Trips for Photographers I see my ‘new form or art’ – creating high quality opportunities for photographers to explore through their lens cultures, people, landscapes and the ways they shape one the other.
Subjects I usually enjoy shooting are: Landscape, Cityscape, Macro, Still Life and People…
I tweet about Photography, and Trips for Photographers, please follow: @Trips4Photo .
You are also kindly invited to visit Trips for Photographers website  and join our community via the contact page.

On this Portfolio you can enjoy some of my photographic work.

For photography assignments or quotations on my work please contact me directly.

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Meir J.

mail: meir.jacob@gmail.com         mobile: +972 52 2688411

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